Drop - in

Drop - in

0.70 - 20.00 GHz.

MTC offer a wide range of narrow and wide bandwidth RF and microwave isolators and circulators product in and Drop-in configurations that extend from 200 MHz to 40 GHz frequency range. Customer can select from the Products listed below or to send us your requirements so we can meet your needs better.

Standard Isolator 1 Watt , Forward power 25 to 500 Watts and Reverse power 5 to 100 watts available
Neodymium ( NdFe B ) free
In - house customer design engineering
Custom Surface Mount , Flange Mount packaging available
Contact factory for custom requirement

Drop-In > 0.70 - 20.00 GHz.
Drop-In > 0.70 - 20.00 GHz.Drop-In > 0.70 - 20.00 GHz.


Instruction Installation for MTC Drop-in Isolator and Circulator

Drop-In > Installation

MTC Drop-in tab or surface mount terminal must be installed so that bottom surface of housing lies flat with circuit ground and connecting tabs lie flat with trace of micro strip circuit. The tabs must be aligned properly on the mating 50 Ohms micro strip circuit. The user trace should be tinned in close proximity small amount of liquid flux should then be applied to trace, prior to installation of the device.

Typical alignment is shown in figure 1 for straight tab and figure 2 for surface mount terminal. Failure to make bottom surface lies flat may cause high insertion loss, degraded VSWR and intermittent performances.

For surface mount, proper plated through holes are needed for grounding of unit’s housing through printed circuit board. For straight tab, gaps between drop-in housing and cavity wall must be minimized to avoid electrical degradation. See figure 1

MTC drop-in units are supplied with mounting holes for use with screws made of nonmagnetic materials. The mounting area should be designed so that when the unit is mounted, the bottom of the tab leads contact the top of the user traces. Also, the bottom of the unit must make proper ground to mounting surface. Tapped holes in the mounting area are necessary for installing devices with mounting clearance holes. Use appropriate fasteners or screw when installing the device. Installation torque should be consistent with the size of the screws being used. Appropriate torque should be applied so that bottom surface of the housing lies flat with circuit ground. Do not over torque. Solder joints should be stress-relieved as much as possible. Follow standard methods of incorporating stress relief when soldering tab leads. If should be located as close as possible to the edge of the device housing.

Ensure that the circuit tabs make contact with the user traces. Apply a thin, even coating of liquid flux to the area of the user trace where the circuit tab makes contact. Methodology of flux application is discretionary. However, any flux, which may backflow into the device, can impair the electrical performance. Proper caution should be exercised when using any liquid flux. Heat the device lead in close proximity to the user trace with the end of a soldering iron. The temperature of the iron shall not exceed +750 OF. Apply a small amount of cored solder, evenly, where the soldering iron contacts the circuit tab lead. Allow for sufficient wetting to occur and proper solder flow prior to removing the soldering iron. The process should not exceed 5-10 seconds due to potential damage of bonded and / or thick-filmed surfaces. Do not allow flux or solder to splatter when internal parts of the isolator / circulator are exposed. The connecting tab is soldered directly to micro strip circuit. Excessive solder may cause degraded VSWR and insertion loss. Soldering time and temperature should be optimized to avoid

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